What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Hearing the question What Have You Done For Me Lately? from a superior, can send chills down your spine, especially at the time of year when annual performance appraisals are being written. With the leadership principles introduced into the workforce in the last several decades, you would think this attitude would be dissipating. However, the question has been driven underground. So far underground it is becoming even more insidious and subversive than before.
Long gone are the days where executives merely get the right people in the right position. Or reshuffle the people to different positions. Then leave the new managers and established workforce alone to figure out how to get the job done and how to get along.
Leadership can be defined as helping people achieve the goals of the organization. Leaders are transforming from order givers and judges, into coaches and mentors. Success of the boss is seen as how they provide support to their workforce. Helping employees have insights, learn at their own pace, and actively engage themselves with the company.
Modern leaders inspire the workforce, connecting on a level of spirit to spirit. Leaders anticipate future needs of the people. Concerning themselves with communication and cooperation between people, the organization, as well as between groups within organization.
The focus is not on making the boss look good. Leadership is making the employees look good.
So the real question from the boss is:

           What have I done for you lately?

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