Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. I look forward to meeting with you next. You’ve already taught me some of the best lessons! I expect as time moves forward that I’ll learn more fundamental ideas that help propel the organizations forward as ONE unit.
 - Keep everything in the open (you never know what you’ll find)
 - Keep everything simple (you want everyone to understand it)
Jacob Brown, COO (Air Spares Inc.)

  • Thoughtful, intelligent and generous 
  • Insightful and asks tough questions
  • Hardworking, thorough, exacting, accurate and painstakingly precise 
    … Peter Scholtes, Author (The Leader’s Handbook & The Team Handbook) & Consultant

  • Excellent ability to view organizations, problems, and solution from a systems standpoint
  • Very helpful from a personal standpoint as I strive to learn, understand, and apply The Deming System of Profound Knowledge 
    … Kevin Cahill, President, The W. Edwards Deming Institute

  • Able to think in terms of the surrounding systems
  • Kind, gentle, patient, honest and an awareness of other people. People feel honored, respected, seen, and heard when posing questions or formulating a response
  • Naturally inquisitive, enthusiastic and eager to share important concepts
    … Lyn Wiltse, President PDSA Consulting

  • He won the respect of the organization's Subject Matter Experts through his approach in refining current process charts
  • Consider him my mentor for understanding LEAN approaches 
    … Ralph Boy, Senior Systems Engineer, Lead - Customer Introduction, Functional Integration

  • Great breadth of Quality Knowledge
  • A skilled and patient leader/teacher
    … Dana Miller, Senior Computer Specialist, University of Washington

  • A natural teacher and leader with an acute instinct for being able to communicate complex ideas and theories in plain, easily understood English
  • Man of the highest caliber and character to be found in business today 
    … Ralph Gaston, Industrial Engineer, The Boeing Company
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