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Strategy Made Visible, Tangible & Indispensable
(Balanced Hoshin)

  • A simple, yet comprehensive system, leading to a visual map, so people can see how everyone contributes
  • Align & Synchronize Leadership while enhancing relationships
  • Put initiatives into the context of a common goal
  • Create Meaning, Understanding, & Engagement for Everyone

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Framing Your Project - Through structure and participation the cross functional project team is able to focus on: 

  • Value and purpose
  • The opportunity to focus in unison at the same instance in a similar context
  • Using creative & Expansive thinking
  • The process of decision making

F.A.S.T. Modeling (Function Analysis Systems Technique) - Beyond process activities, to the purpose expected in its normal state. The end result desired, the benefit (not the feature) which the customer pays for.

Function Analysis challenges the assumptions most people make about how a product or service satisfies a need. Asking How and Why a function accomplishes the need. Only then can you begin to understand what is necessary to accomplish the function.

Parable of the Red Beads - This live demonstration provides a powerful lesson of why traditional ‘manage for results' does not produce the desired results. Doing your best, quotas, exhortations, threats as well as imposed work standards have no effects on outcome. Almost impossible to separate performance of the individual from performance of the system.

When is a process adjustment an improvement? - The Funnel Experiment is an interactive demonstration that any change without intimate knowledge of the process is tampering, and that tampering — depending on intuition and common sense — only makes things worse. We discuss the consequences of tampering and the manager's need for Profound Knowledge. The implications to business are startling.

Supply Chain Simulation (aka, Beer Game)

Beer Game

This workshop provides you an experiential event that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The Beer Distribution Simulation instills lessons of management science that no lecture can convey.

The world is constantly growing more complex. One phenomenon of this complexity is how can well intentioned, intelligent people create an outcome no one expected and no one wants.

To meet these challenges The ‘Beer Game’ is a learning environment where players experience the frustration of being at the mercy of the forces of the system. While demonstrating how local decisions, combined with time delays, affects the whole.

This simulation explores several analogies, from the ‘boom and bust’ of the so-called ‘business cycle’ to the ‘Bull Whip’ effect experienced in supply chains.

Chain Reaction

Faulty Practices

This seminar provides methods to understand the organizations we work in and produce a foundation for judging our decisions. Synthesized knowledge from four diverse fields of thought, for use by all types of enterprises:

  • What is Variation telling us? About the process? About individuals in the process? Economic control? Stability? Types of Actions?
  • How to work as a System? Interdependencies? Obligations of Components?
  • Understanding people - Their interactions with each other? Circumstances? Systems?
  • How do we know what we know? Knowledge in terms of how it is created & revised? How the choice of concepts rests upon usefulness for action.

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